Cabaret 805 Spring Showcase Friday March 6th 7pm at Cuesta Community College Associated Students Auditorium Room 5401
    Wednesdays 6:30-9:30 1/15/20 - 3/11/20 at Cuesta Community Programs
    Cabaret 805 is always looking for more singers and pianists. Contact us at cabaret805@gmail.com to get involved!
Cabaret Singing & Performance
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Cabaret Singing & Performance
​Class at Cuesta Community Programs

 Highlights from a Cabaret 805 Showcase at Cuesta College

Come improve your vocal skills so that you have more fun singing in a Cabaret or your favorite Broadway Musical and Karaoke at our local Karaoke clubs. We work on all styles of music, the goal is to have fun singing and fun learning while developing our vocal skills.
Cabaret is a unique style of performance that allows each singer/performer to be themselves to sing in the style they choose. Cabaret simply means performance in an intimate setting usually where food or beverage is served. We at Cabaret 805 always work with a live accompanist (not recorded tracks) and build our own arrangements appropriate to each individual’s style of performance. We will find and place your song in the best key for your voice giving you the greatest opportunity to sound your best. If you don’t know or have a style we will help you discover and develop one; we will find the you in the music. 
Join the Cabaret class at anytime. This is an ongoing class format where instructors works with each student at their personal level and build upon that experience. This is an active learning experience masterclass workshop format. Each singer works with Grant the instructor and vocal coach, along with one of our professional accompanists. From beginners to professionals, we all learn from watching, listening to, and responding to one another.  In our masterclass we work to help you find the singer and the song storyteller in you. We are lucky to have an additional pianist every other week in an adjacent room to help you learn any new songs you’ve chosen. Meanwhile, the masterclass continues in the main room.
Interested but not sure Cabaret Performance is for you? We welcome drop-in guests to any class for a $20 fee —you can even sing that night! If you decide you want to join the class, the class fee can be prorated for those who join after the third class meeting. Please call Instructor Grant Everett for details or questions at 805-772-2812
  • Grant Everett is a singer, a qualified voice teacher, and a vocal coach. His students say he employs many tricks to help bring out their best vocal qualities. He teaches each student at their own level. As a singer/performer it is his passion to teach others the thrill of music and song to bring the singer in you out to the world. He strongly believes music is one of the most important gifts you can give yourself.
  • Brett Mitchell is a local professional pianist, entertainer, composer and arranger. He is often heard playing in one of several ensembles at D’Ambino’s Wine Bar in Paso Robles, as well as other solid venues around SLO County.
  • Jon Grodeski a veteran performer of over 30 musical roles in his native Manhattan and on tours across the country. His career as a Director, Choreographer and Musical Director has spanned 40 years with such luminaries as Chita Rivera, John Davidson, Carol Lawrence, Debby Boone, Sam Harris, Jamie Farr, Charles Shaughnessy, Jamie Lynn Siegler, Adrian Zmed, and Susan Powell.
  • Diane Steinberg Lewis is a singer, songwriter, pianist whose musical experiences encompass classical to jazz, Memphis to Motown. She has recorded solo albums for Atlantic, ABC/Dunhill, Word/Rejoice and RSO Records and composed themes for commercials, radio and television (e .g. “Evening At the Improv”, “Grand Prix All Stars”, “The Midnight Special”). Diane, {aka Dianne Steinberg} co-starred as “Lucy” In the Sky with Diamonds in RSO’s movie, “Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band” with Peter Frampton and theBeeGees. A credentialed Music Teacher, she has subbed and accompanied (2006 -’16) for most of the choir directors in SLCUSD, Atascadero, Central Coast Youth Chorus and Cuesta. She performs several times a year at D’anbino’s Cellars in Paso Robles with her husband, bassist, Kenny Lee Lewis of the Steve Miller Band.  
Students will learn to interpret and communicate lyrics, subtext, and story. They will develop Cabaret style patter incorporating storytelling and humor to introduce their songs. All designed to build that personal connection with an intimate audience. These skills will translate to the big stage as well.
This class gives two evening cabaret performances to the public at the end of each semester. We create a nightclub-like atmosphere in one of the large conference rooms in the Student Center at Cuesta. Join our mailing list, or follow us on Facebook so you won’t miss our next performance. Hope to see you there. From time to time Cabaret 805 also performs in local venues and students (even new students) are often invited to perform.